What's in the course?

Learn to edit videos like a pro

  • 1

    1. Welcome!

    • Why follow this course?

    • What do I need for this course?

  • 2

    2. From footage to Project

    • Create a folder structure

    • Why do we need a folder structure?

    • Folder Structure example

  • 3

    3. Setting up your Première Project

    • Setting up a Première Pro Project

    • Workspaces

    • Import your footage

    • Create sequences

  • 4

    4. Editing



    • AUDIO



  • 5

    5. Color grading

    • Before we start grading

    • Color correcting

    • Color grading

    • Convert LR preset to LUT

  • 6

    6. Exporting your video

    • Export settings and black bars

  • 7

    7. BONUS: Basics of Storytelling

    • The effect of storytelling




  • 8

    8. Congratulations!

    • The finish line

    • Evaluation

BONUS: Storytelling

A video is nothing without some storytelling!

  • Bonus material

    You know how to film and edit. But that's only the beginning. That's where the fun starts! A video, even when you're a beginner, is nothing without some storytelling.

  • Bonus material

    After you've completed the Editing Course, you will get tips and tricks on storytelling that are applicable to every video, to set yours apart from 90% of the videos out there. Because anyone can create a video with some shots and music. But telling a story is a whole different kind of art.

  • Bonus material

    Storytelling is the most powerful way to draw people into your video. A video is nothing without some storytelling, even when you just started editing. So make the most of this opportunity to learn something about storytelling too!